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Courageous Conversations in Seeking Feedback

Seeking feedback first - it starts with you.

Meet Will, Head of Technical Sales for a high-growth SaaS company. Will recently went through one of our programs and recognized that if he wanted to foster a culture of feedback on his team that he needed to flip his focus and focus on seeking feedback first. He was motivated by the idea that his team could feel more ownership of their own development and create a level of excellence themselves.

He decided to redesign his approach to a standing team meeting where, historically, he told the team to come ready to discuss a particular customer call recording. Participation was often mixed because some team members arrived unprepared.

To encourage active participation from every team member, Will decided to change the expectation. Instead of leading the meeting himself, he asked everyone to come ready to share two to three things they thought stood out about the call and specific techniques they would be willing to try themselves. He also asked everyone to bring one to two constructive ideas of what could have been more effective.

By putting himself up for scrutiny first, Will set the example for the team and showed them that he was open to learning opportunities, too.

In less than two months, the team culture transformed into one centered around proactive and continuous feedback. In fact, the team’s practical feedback culture now extends beyond the established meeting format and is part and parcel of everything they do.

The result? The quality and consistency of the team’s technical prospect calls greatly improved, and they’re closing more lucrative deals!

What courageous conversation could you initiate by seeking feedback first?

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