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Key  Leadership Conversations

Bringing Leadership to Life

We offer bespoke off-sites,  team development and skill-focused workshops. 

Louise is a highly experienced facilitator and an expert in designing and delivering workshops that are always customized to connect to each unique company culture. Our workshops are highly interactive, relevant and actionable. You can expect an emphasis on fostering a connection between participants so they can support each other once the workshop is delivered.

Examples of skill-building workshops are below.

Image by Marten Newhall

How to get to know the real person you are interviewing. 

Behind the CV 
Welcome Aboard
Image by Reiseuhu

How to set up your new hire for success.

Make 1:1s Matter

How to make the most of check-ins with your team.

Goals for Growth

How to create goals that will stretch and inspire.

Keys to Accountability
Image by Shane Avery

How to ensure your team feel and act like owners of their work.

Recognise & Reward
Image by Kira auf der Heide

How to ensure you see and celebrate performance.

Image by Aron Visuals

How to define your team vision, mission and norms. 

True Team Identity
Magic in Team Meetings
Image by You X Ventures

How to design and run team meetings that engage everyone. 

Powered to Perform
Energy Efficiency Consultation

How to understand and optimize energy in your team.

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